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" Waaaark Omegamega, Your territory is vast and your lair is comfortable. Havent you found a special female? Kweh Kweh sure there are many within your domains."

"Oh Rojo, what are you like?" Omega laughed, scratching underneath the Chocobo’s beak affectionately. The avian’s question wasn’t one that had been asked of him often, and the man was unsure how to answer right away. Most lifeforms had a natural urge to find a partner and settle down with them, but that was for more reasons than simple companionship. As the sole member of his own ‘species’ - if it could be called that - there just wasn’t… anyone to share that special something with. "It’s just hard to get close to many people, you know? Oh, there are many wonderful women out there, but once they find out what you really are, well…" he said, laughing again as he ran his fingers through his hair. It didn’t really need describing, how their faces twisted in revulsion or fear. Sometimes both. "People don’t like monsters very much, but that’s okay. It’s better that way for us both."

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If They Had A Kid Meme: Harmony x Omega


Name: Serenity, it’s a name to represent the peace that came to Harmony and Omega’s lives. There’s still unrest in the new world, but it has been better than it once was. Their child reminds them of how far they came and the triumph from past conflicts. 

Gender: Female

General Appearance: Serenity grows up to become a woman about her mother’s height. She has dark hair like her father and her mother’s gray eyes. 

Personality: She’s quiet like both her parents, yet is independent and can be headstrong. When there’s something Serenity has in mind, she’ll do it without hesitation. 

Special Talents: She has a knack with technology. Serenity doesn’t like the idea of fighting, but likes make gizmos and gadgets

Who they like better: She doesn’t really pick favorites, but she likes to hang out with her father more. 

Who they take after more: She takes up after Omega more than Harmony. 

Personal Head canon: The offspring of an ex-WEAPON and a cyborg had an interesting turn-out. Serenity has strength above an average human and high intelligence. She prefers to be an engineer to benefit mankind and the environment, and she loves to eat quite a bit. It’s amazing that she has a pretty fast metabolism like Omega. 

Face Claim:


Face claim is from Katie Melua

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Omega, I'm tiiiired! *flops on*

His only response was to chuckle at the mages’s antics. "I’d be surprised if you weren’t tired, considering everything you do around here. Come now, what’s on your mind?" he said before scooping Vivi up into his arms. Sitting upright, Omega then propped the other male against his chest more comfortably, rubbing the small of the mage’s back in a soothing manner.

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♰ ((Supposed to be the 'my character treated your character' meme. We're horrendously overdue for a starter.~))

My character was found injured and unconscious by yours. Send ♰ to see how my character responds upon awakening after being treated and cared for

"What… where am… I..?" Omega uttered faintly, the youth slurring his words lightly as he struggled to rouse himself from unconsciousness. It was quiet all around, the only thing his being aware of was a warm feeling enveloping his entire form. The urge to continue sleeping refused to let go so easily, and it was with some difficulty that the dark-haired male opened his eyes, shifting from where he currently lay. Immediately he regretted the action; a wave of pain rolled over his body in an instant, causing every bone protesting with each movement made. Jarring awake in an instant, the youth gasped and lifted his head, staring around his immediate surroundings in fear and confusion.

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*sleeps on*

Glancing down as he awoke, the youth spied a familiar-looking face in the gloom. Peaceful in rest, Brii was fast asleep alongside him. Feeling light as a bird, her gentle weight draped across his chest had caused him to rouse from his own slumber, and all of a sudden, Omega found himself at a loss what to do. Not wanting to shift in case he woke the Pulsian, the young man lifted his arm and curled it around her gently, hoping to ensure her dreams continued to remain untroubled. "Sleep tight, Brii."

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"Let’s get you to bed." ~ Omega




”-’s not that bad, really. You don’t-” She breaks off as another wave of pain hits her ankle, breathing in sharply. “Think I might’ve sprained it…but…I can make do.” Brii clings to his shoulder for support, hobbling along on one foot.

"No, Brii. You can barely walk around on your own as it is," Omega insisted curtly, all the while holding the Pulsian close to him. The two of them moved along slowly; the male ensuring that Brii’s grip on his shoulder was secure before each step was taken. His chest ached upon hearing every one of the woman’s pained breaths, noting how she winced whenever she jarred her injured ankle. She was not as frail as she looked, he knew. Having come from Gran Pulse, Brii had most certainly suffered worse at some point, though whether it was a mere sprain or an actual breakage, Oerba Syn Brii was hurting right now and the ex-WEAPON refused to hear otherwise.

"At least wait to see how bad it actually is before thinking you’ve just sprained it. It could very well be a fracture with how you stumbled earlier," he said, keeping her arm firmly in place around his neck and shoulder. With the bed in sight, the dark-haired man carefully maneuvered her towards the mattress so she could sit down upon it.

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He stood before the door with a raised hand, hovering somewhere between that of hesitation and concern. Brii seemed... quiet lately, and Omega had been unwilling to pry for fear of upsetting the Pulsian further. However, it had come to the point where he was beginning to grow worried for Brii's well-being, and pushing himself to knock, rapped smartly on the door with his knuckles. "Are you in there, Brii?" he called out quietly a moment later, listening out for her response if she was in there.



The past few days had most definitely taken their toll on Brii. She couldn’t think clearly enough— her whole body was numb, and so was her mind. There wasn’t a clear cut reason for her lack of activity, but one had to exist…somewhere. Brii couldn’t muster the courage to look inside of herself and admit that something wasn’t right. 


The reply was muffled, due to her form facing away from the door. She rested in the armchair facing the window, knees drawn up to her chest.

The last time she had fallen into a depression like this it had been nowhere near as bad as it was now— she was able to think. Her actions weren’t restricted, and sleep was attainable. It had been over some minor dispute with her sister that left Brii to question her life choices once again—perhaps that incident hadn’t been so minor after all. Either way, those reoccurring episodes did no good for the Pulsian. They were horrid, usually a result of paranoia getting the best of the teen.

Her eyes had been glued to the window for the past few hours, and moving them to match his almost pained her. It was not his appearance that discomforted her— in her opinion he was the loveliest thing her eyes had ever had the privilege to rest on— but more of the fact that she would have to face another human being after locking herself away for so long.

It was almost too much.

"No, ‘s not…" Brii wanted to give a definite reason for her depression, but couldn’t. There were no words she could utter that would explain all she felt at this moment. "I…I want to explain, but….there’s no…" Dammit! Just get the words out, Brii. "There’s nothing to explain." She leans her head against his, closing her eyes.

Nothing to explain? The dark-haired male blinked sadly at that response, lifting a hand to stroke against Brii’s cheek tenderly. Her skin was cool to the touch, feeling much too low for his liking - though the woman had been residing within her room for some time now. Had she been sitting here all day, staring out of that window in this listless stupor? Omega’s blood-red eyes flickered down as Brii shifted to lean forwards, the Pulsian closing her own eyes as she did so. It seemed almost as though she’d fallen asleep, but the haunted expression etched across her features spoke of one whom sleep wouldn’t visit so easily. 

If there’s nothing to explain, then why do you seem so… empty inside? This isn’t like you at all… the ex-WEAPON thought, rubbing his head against Brii’s own softly. There had to be something wrong if the woman felt so despondent; even if she couldn’t place a finger on what was causing her to feel such a way, the Brii he knew was usually so much livelier than this…

A thought suddenly struck him, and lifting his head to place a light kiss on top of the Pulsian’s head, Omega slid his arms around Brii’s upper body in the form of a gentle embrace. She seemed frail; moreso than she usually was and he took extra care in his motions, pulling Brii closer to him so that her head could rest on the crook of his shoulder.

"Alright then, but let’s get you out of here for a while, okay? You look like you haven’t slept in ages, or eaten for that matter-" he said, holding one of the demon’s hands in his own. Her bones felt like china underneath her soft, cold skin; pale and weak from lack of rest and nourishment.